You may wonder what a little yellow truck has to do with fast eggs? Here is a random collection of facts that will soon come together in wonderful serendipity!

– The Year 9 produce stall had lots of leftover goodies from the Fair, which some strong men delivered to the Home Ec Room.

– Mrs Johns and Miss Payne went to a seminar where one of the speakers was from Ozharvest – an organisation that collects excess food from businesses and delivers it to charities

– One of the Ozharvest representatives is an ex-Glennie girl and has a sister currently in Year 12 (hey, Georgia) and therefore knows about Glennie and the Fair.

Are you seeing the story develop now, reader??  A phone call or two, and the little yellow Ozharvest truck rolled up beside the Home Ec building, at exactly the time that the Year 7 class were about to make scrambled eggs in a prac lesson.

There were lots of boxes of fruit and veggies – and just one driver – so the Year 7s delightedly used their muscles to help load the truck.  We even had a maths expert doing mental addition as the produce was weighed. A massive 125kg of produce was handed on to Ozharvest – apples, zucchini, pumpkin, onions, lemons, limes, capsicums, garlic which has now gone to neighbourhood centres and schools in Toowoomba for their breakfast programs, and to help feed families who are finding things hard.

With a cheery wave from the driver (and all Year 7s waving at the kitchen windows), the little yellow truck was on its way.

And what about the eggs, I hear you ask?

We had a class vote and decided that we could still make our scrambled eggs and toast, even in the shorter class time!  And we did! And we smiled the whole time because we knew that some good food was going to go to people who wouldn’t have had it otherwise.

And that, dear reader, always makes for a happy ending.

Mrs Jillian Johns
Middle and Senior Years Teacher

Posted with permission
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