A festival of disruptive inspiration

#goodji #dirrumfestivalBNE #human #inspirupting | 11.8.23
A culture of young people safeguarding the treasure that sustains us

A feast of disruptive inspiration run by students for a bigger & shared good


Welcoming delegates from around and beyond Brisbane,
with a focus on Year 10 students.

Held at St John’s Anglican College,
College Avenue, Forest Lake.
Hosted by Anglican Schools Commission SQ 



Students and staff from St John’s Anglican College are already working to ensure that this festival will be a day of sharing, learning and fun.
We hope to align the festival with the ASC Theme – Flourishing Together: For Dignity.
Our ‘tag line’ of ‘What Matters’ is a statement, a question and an invitation to students to respond with their own voice about what matters to them, to their schools, to the wider community and even globally.

St John’s students are in the process of finalising the programme for the day – and would like to invite you and your students to participate by hosting a workshop on the day.

Are you able to attend Goodli this year?
Please let us know as soon as possible if you are bringing students to Goodli this year.
Year 10 students are warmly invited to attend.

You may wish to include students from other year levels who can join the Student Voices Crew. These students will provide short speeches about something that matters to them. If you have a student who could speak on the day as a guest speaker please let us know! This is an opportunity for young people to share their ideas. Speeches in the Student Voices Crew are only a few minutes in length. 

How can you help? – Host a Workshop!
Workshops will take place throughout the lunch session and perhaps after lunch. Students will have the opportunity to register for the workshops that they wish to attend.
Please ask your students what workshops they might like to include.
Workshops will be approximately 25 minutes long – and schools will be invited to provide the resources that they might need. It is hoped that we will have a wide range of workshops to offer.

Young people caring enough about the world to act for a greater
and common good.
Inspiruption (n): event or eruption of creative energy, challenging ‘situation normal’ and inspiring the collective imagination for hope-filled action.
Key verbs: recognise, inspire, lead. ‘Inspiruption’ is applied to the common good and marks a movement not a moment.


For more information contact Kerryn Smith
Ph: 0419 660 533