The Complaints Management Policies for Anglican Schools & Education and Care Services both provide an accessible, fair, transparent and efficient mechanism for addressing complaints by children, parents, staff, volunteers, visitors and members of the School community.

Responses to complaints are sought to be made in a timely and comprehensive manner, with the aim to create mutual understanding through dialogue and complaints management processes which will include clear communication with all parties.

Any person, who in good faith, acting honestly and reasonably, raises concerns or complaints will not be penalised, discriminated or have taken action against them.

The Complaints Management process within Anglican Schools and ECS’ is a staged process. Prior to making a complaint, you are encouraged to read the policy and procedure, and follow the appropriate stages outlined within them.

To make a complaint, please follow the process outlined within the below listed Complaints procedure.

Complaints Management in Anglican Schools Policy 

Complaints Management in Anglican Schools Procedure 

Complaints Management in Anglican ECS Policy

Complaints Management in Anglican ECS Procedure