ASC Schools and Education & Care Services (ECS) are committed to both:

  • applying the highest standards of legal, ethical and moral practice and behaviour; and
  • nurturing a workplace environment and culture where people can talk openly about any issues of concern and work towards constructive resolution. 

As such, the Whistleblowers in Anglican Education Policy & Procedure provide the foundation in which the Policy Audience are able to report, without fear of retaliatory action, concerns about any serious instances of Wrongdoing that they believe may be occurring within any area of an Anglican School or ECS.

This reporting is defined as Whistleblowing: the deliberate, voluntary disclosure of individual or organisational Wrongdoing by a person who has or had privileged access to data, events or information about an actual, suspected or anticipated Wrongdoing within or by an organisation that is within its ability to control.

Whilst it is permitted for Protected Disclosures to be made anonymously, the reality is that anonymous disclosures will provide potential limitations that will likely inhibit a proper and robust investigation to occur. In any case, anonymous disclosures will be investigated to the maximum extent permitted by the anonymity. However this should be considered by the Whistleblower prior to making a disclosure.

The most appropriate Eligible Recipient for a protected disclosure is normally a person located at the School or Service in question. However, if the issue relates to the Chair of the School Council or the Nominated Supervisor of an ECS, then Sherril Molloy is the Eligible Recipient under the policy.

Prior to making a protected disclosure under the policy, audience members are strongly encouraged to read and consider the Whistleblower Policy & Procedure, as listed on each School or Services website, to determine the most appropriate Eligible Recipient for your disclosure.

Please note that the listed policy and procedure only applies where the Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane, also known as the Anglican Church Southern Queensland (ACSQ):

  • Owns an Anglican School.  Where this occurs, this Policy applies to the School and any business the School owns or controls; including for example, unincorporated associations such as P&F, education and care services, sporting clubs, boarding schools and child accommodation services; or 
  • Is the Approved Provider of an Anglican Education & Care Service. 

Other Anglican Schools, including those subsidiaries to the ACSQ, and other Anglican ECS have specific legislative obligations that vary from the above-mentioned systemic schools and services and as such this Policy should not be relied upon to meet those obligations.

If you wish to discuss the process of the Whistleblower program, or gain further clarity on the Policy or Procedure, please contact Robert Nettleton (Manager System Compliance) in his role as Whistleblower Protection Officer.

Executive Director – Eligible Recipient

Phone: 3835 2251

Email: Whistleblower – Protected Disclosure

Manager System Compliance – Whistleblower Protection Officer

Phone: 3835 2237

Email: Whistleblower Enquiry