The Southport School

Last week at TSS, we celebrated Men’s Health Week.

Around the world, this week aims to highlight the challenging and pertinent issues (both mental and physical) related to men’s health, as well as acknowledge the strengths and contributions that men bring to society.

This year we chose to celebrate and promote the small things our students are doing in order to enhance and support their health.

We kick started celebrations by placing a Smoothie Bike in the Old Gym Café, where students could quite literally spin their own ‘Berry Blitz’ smoothie, made from fresh berries, spinach, banana, honey and low fat milk.

On Thursday, we hosted a special Men’s Health Week Assembly, where a few of our respected TSS male staff formed a panel to share how they care for their health and some of their most vulnerable experiences. It was great for our students to learn a little bit more about Mr Norman (HPE Teacher), Mr Chinia (Art Teacher) and Mr Stark (Head of Libraries and Information Services).

Thank you to Mamacitas and Whips & Co food trucks who served up some delicious and healthy eats following Assembly, made with locally sourced and wholesome ingredients in the form of a quesadilla, burrito, tortilla salad bowl or a superfood topped Co-Yo bowl.

Congratulations to Jay Campbell (Year 7), William Marshall (Year 8), Callum Whitton (Year 9) and Noah Robinson (Year 10) who all won a $50 gift voucher for their incredible drawings that were entered into our Men’s Health Week ‘Making Healthy Connections’ art competition.

Our celebrations concluded with an InDefence workshop where some of our Cadets were taught self-defence as well as de-escalation strategies to use in unsafe situations by ex-military and one of the highest Israeli trained close-combat instructors in Australia, Ashley Gard.

We look forward to continuing celebrations into Term 3 at our Preparatory School, in line with Father’s Day.

Miss Caitlin Anderson 
Wellbeing Health Promotions Officer

Posted with permission
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