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It was a privilege to have Dr Peter Lewis from the Anglican Schools Commission visit Glennie this week with his collection of ancient coins and manuscripts. The coins are originally from Ephesus one of the most significant cities in the ancient world which is now in modern-day Turkey.
Ephesus was a major Greek and later Roman trading centre in the Eastern Mediterranean. Culturally rich and cosmopolitan, it is now a major archaeological site which Glennie staff, parents and students have visited on a school tour to Turkey. The remains of the amphitheatre, private villas, the facade of the library and other monuments are magnificent. The Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was also located in Ephesus.

It is perhaps no surprise then that Saint Paul visited Ephesus on his missionary travels. Later, Paul is said to have written his famous epistle (letter) to the people of Ephesus (the Ephesians). According to tradition, Paul wrote this document when he was imprisoned in Rome around AD 62.
It has been a wonderful opportunity for Glennie to display the coins from Ephesus. The study of coinage is called numismatics. They provide scholars and our students with written and artefactual evidence of human history.

The manuscripts on display provided students with a chance to see a range of excerpts from various editions of The Bible. Parts of the collection on display included a Hebrew Scroll dating to AD1600 of the Book of Deuteronomy, a Breviary made in France around 1300, a Book of Hours from 1320 and a portion of the first edition of the King James Version from 1611. A leaf from the Old Testament translated by Martin Luther is another highlight.

This unique exhibition provides students studying Humanities, Social Sciences and Religion from both the Junior and Middle and Senior Year’s campuses with the chance to view primary sources. The exhibits provide each of us with a tangible connection linking us to our ancient and more recent past.

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